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New Jersey Scuba Diving


New Jersey Scuba Diving

Sandy Hook - Pilot Boat

Sandy Hook Chart

Shipwreck Sandy Hook - Pilot Boat
The Sandy Hook as a private yacht, early in her career.

shipwreck, pilot boat, converted yacht, USA
1902, Elizabeth NJ USA, as Anstice, later Privateer
( 168 x 24 ft ) 361 gross tons, 26 crew & harbor pilots
Thursday April 27, 1939
collision with tanker Oslofjord ( 16500 tons) - no casualties
40°27.556' -73°49.490' (AWOIS 1986)
100 ft

Shipwreck Sandy Hook - Pilot Boat

The drawing above pretty much sums it up. The bottom is extremely silty, and visibility is usually poor. Many small lobsters, but very few big ones. Lots of skates and ling on the day I went there, but little else in the way of fish otherwise.

Shipwreck Sandy Hook - Pilot Boat
The Sandy Hook as New York Pilot Boat.

Although I am told this is a great dive if you catch it on a rare clear day, I think this wreck is more interesting from a historical perspective than for the diving. In fact, I thought the surface interval was more interesting than the dive. The site is right at the convergence of all three shipping lanes with the main channel, and all day enormous container ships, tankers, cruise liners, and even the odd Navy vessel pass by. The view of New York and the surrounding areas is excellent.

Shipwreck Sandy Hook - Pilot Boat



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