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New Jersey Scuba Diving

San Jose

Barnegat Chart

Shipwreck San Jose

shipwreck, freighter, USA ( United Fruit Company, now Chiquita )
1904, Ireland
( 330 x 44 ft ) 3358 gross tons, 35 crew
Saturday January 17, 1942
collision with C2-class freighter Santa Elisa - later torpedoed by U-123 - no casualties
100 ft

The San Jose was dynamited in the 1950's. Today she sits in 100 ft of water on a mud bottom. Her wreckage is spread over a wide area, with the main portion of the hull on its port side, pretty much intact. She can be penetrated and divers can enter long corridors with adjoining rooms. The bottom of silty mud can be disturbed very easily, dropping the normally poor visibility to zero.

Shipwreck San Jose

Shipwreck San Jose
The San Jose was a passenger freighter, with a small number of cabins for paying passengers, although no grand facilities as might be expected on a liner.

Shipwreck San Jose
Sailing Timetable - 1912

Shipwreck San Jose
Sailing Timetable - 1916

Santa Elisa
The Santa Elisa sinking after being torpedoed by Italian motorboats in the Meditteranean. ( At least the water is warm. ) Santa Elisa was the same class as Algol

Type IXB U-boat U-123, decommissioned and scuttled in port August 1944. Later raised and put in service by France until 1959.

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