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New Jersey Scuba Diving

Robert J. Walker ( "$25 wreck" )

Cape May Chart

Shipwreck Robert J. Walker

shipwreck, side-wheel steamer USA
Nov 27, 1847
( 133 x 31 ft ) tons
June 21, 1860
collision with schooner Fanny
85 ft

This site was found in the 1970s by a commercial fisherman. The numbers were sold for $25, hence the name. Originally an armed Revenue Cutter like the RC Mohawk, the Walker was found to be less than satisfactory - the early steam propulsion systems were troublesome and inefficient. Eventually the vessel was transferred from the Revenue Service to the Coast Survey Service, where it proved to be a vast improvement over the sail-powered vessels of the era for this sort of work. Being self-propelled, the Walker could simply motor up to the survey site, and easily stay on station, not subject to the vagaries of the wind. The wreck was positively identified in 2013.

Shipwreck Robert J. Walker side-scan
Side-scan sonar image with the bow at the top

Shipwreck Robert J. Walker
An anchor

Shipwreck Robert J. Walker
Another anchor, with the first one in the background

Shipwreck Robert J. Walker
A paddlewheel flange

Shipwreck Robert J. Walker
An engine

Shipwreck Robert J. Walker
The research team

download: Large-scale drawing of the wreck site

download: Identification of the Wreck of the U.S.C.S.S. Robert J. Walker off Atlantic City, New Jersey



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