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shipwreck, steamer
85 ft

The "Ranger" is the wreck of a small nineteenth century steamer. The entire small wreck is perhaps 100 ft in length, from the low remains of the copper-sheathed wooden bow to the broken propeller. The boiler and engine are remarkably large for such a small wreck, but the absence of towing bits, or indeed any kind of heavy machinery, makes it unlikely that this was a tugboat. An enormous low-pressure boiler feeding a rather primitive single-expansion engine places the building of the Ranger in the same period as the very similar Brunette, 1850-1870.

Shipwreck Ranger
The stem of the bow remains, with some copper sheathing.

Shipwreck Ranger
The boiler dominates the wreck

Shipwreck Ranger
The crooked single-cylinder engine is an almost art-deco design

Shipwreck Ranger

Shipwreck Ranger
A diver hunts near the shaft just behind the engine

Shipwreck Ranger
A large iron box off to the side, probably a steam condenser

Shipwreck Ranger
The propeller, half-buried, with the upper blade broken off

This is a very picturesque wreck, and makes a nice photo subject on a good day ( it is also known as the "Photographer". ) the engine is a very interesting piece, and is covered with anemones and other sea life. This wreck also produces fine mussels from the higher parts. There is usually a lobster around somewhere as well.

Drawing courtesy of Aaron Hirsh, Wreck Valley Collection



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