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New Jersey Scuba Diving


New Jersey Scuba Diving

Long Branch Pier Rubble

NJ Coast Chart

Long Branch Pier Rubble
Remains of the pier still standing in October 1997; it was demolished in June-July 2001

oceanfront pier
15 ft?

Long Branch Pier Rubble
Aerial view of the pier and adjacent jetty in the 1960s,
prior to development as an amusement park.

Long Branch Pier Rubble
Ablaze - Monday June 8, 1987
The cause was determined to be a gas leak.

Long Branch Pier Rubble
Coast Guard cutters helped fight the fire.

Long Branch Pier Rubble
The fire destroyed many shorefront businesses, and blighted the town for a decade. The area has since been redeveloped very nicely.

Shore Diving in New JerseyA number of piers have stood at this site since the early 1800's, serving a steamboat connection to New York. Several were destroyed by storms. This was the third or fourth pier built, and was completed in 1911. When the steamboat service lapsed, it was converted to a fishing pier, and later built-over as an amusement park. The park atop the pier burned down in 1987, and the remains of the structure were finally demolished in 2001, leaving a field of concrete pilings and debris just beyond the surf zone.

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