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Shipwreck Atlantus

shipwreck, freighter, USA
1918, Brunswick GA USA
( 260 x 43 ft ) 2000 gross tons, no crew
Tuesday June 8, 1926
dragged anchor and grounded in storm while awaiting final disposition
25 ft

Atlantus was one of a class of experimental concrete ships built during World War I. The hull was constructed of reinforced concrete rather than steel, which had become scarce during the war. While this design offered a number of advantages, including lower noise and vibration, and a dryer cargo space, it was not economically competitive with steel hulls when peacetime resumed.

Shipwreck Atlantus
Shipwreck Atlantus
Shipwreck Atlantus
The breakdown of the wreck over time

Shipwreck Atlantus
The broken concrete remains of the Atlantus. The left piece looks
like a hull section leaning over about 80 degrees on its side.
Note all the rusty rebar jutting out of the right section.

Shipwreck Atlantus
The strong currents that swirl around the wreckage are evident here.

The Cape May - Lewes Ferry is crossing in the distance, while people on the beach look for "Cape May diamonds" - pretty quartz stones found on the beach. I wouldn't dive this spot, but it's a nice place to stop for lunch. The Cape May lighthouse and the ferry terminal are a short drive away.



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