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Wartime Losses

Shipwreck RP ResorFor history buffs, here is a list of all the wartime and military shipping losses mentioned in this website. Listed here are victims of enemy action as well as collisions, accidents, and other causes.

Also listed are artificial reefs of military origin.

Warships are in bold, Coast Guard is in italics.

World War I

Name Date Sunk Type Nation Cause
Sumner Dec 12, 1916 freighter US Army ran aground
Sebastian May 10, 1917 tanker England fire
Durley Chine Apr 30, 1917 tanker England collision
R.C. Mohawk Oct 1, 1917 cutter US Navy collision
City of Athens May 1, 1918 liner USA collision
City of Georgetown Jun 2, 1918 schooner USA collision
Carolina Jun 2, 1918 liner USA shelled by U-151
Edward H Cole Jun 2, 1918 schooner USA bombed by U-151
Isabel B Wiley Jun 2, 1918 schooner USA bombed by U-151
Jacob M Haskell Jun 2, 1918 schooner USA bombed by U-151
Texel Jun 2, 1918 freighter USA bombed by U-151
Winneconne Jun 2, 1918 freighter USA bombed by U-151
USS San Diego Jul 19, 1918 armored cruiser US Navy mined by U-156
USS Cherokee Jul 26, 1918 tugboat US Navy foundered in storm
Tokuyama Maru Aug 1, 1918 freighter Japan torpedoed by U-140
Sommerstad Aug 12, 1918 freighter England torpedoed by U-117
Dorothy B. Barrett Aug 14, 1918 schooner USA shelled by U-117
SC-209 Aug 27, 1918 sub chaser USA friendly fire
Almirante Sep 6, 1918 freighter USA collision
SC-60 Oct 1, 1918 subchaser US Navy collision
San Saba Oct 4, 1918 freighter USA mined by U-117
Chaparra Oct 27, 1918 freighter Cuba mined by U-117
USS Tarantula Oct 28, 1918 patrol yacht US Navy collision

World War II

Name Date Sunk Type Nation Cause
Continent Jan 10, 1942 freighter Canada collision
Norness Jan 14, 1942 tanker Panama torpedoed by U-123
Coimbra Jan 15, 1942 tanker England torpedoed by U-123
San Jose Jan 17, 1942 freighter USA torpedoed by U-123
Varanger Jan 25, 1942 tanker Norway torpedoed by U-130
India Arrow Feb 4, 1942 tanker USA torpedoed by U-103
R.P. Resor Feb 28, 1942 tanker USA torpedoed by U-578
USS Jacob Jones Feb 28, 1942 destroyer US Navy torpedoed by U-578
Cayru Mar 8, 1942 freighter Brazil torpedoed by U-94
Gulf Trade Mar 10, 1942 tanker USA torpedoed by U-588
Hvoslef Mar 10, 1942 freighter Norway torpedoed by U-94
Tolten Mar 13, 1942 freighter Chile torpedoed by U-404
Lemuel Burrows Mar 14, 1942 collier USA torpedoed by U-404
Arundo Apr 28, 1942 freighter Netherlands torpedoed by U-136
Bidevind Apr 30, 1942 tanker Norway torpedoed by U-752
Gypsum Prince May 3, 1942 freighter England collision
USS YP-387 May 20, 1942 patrol craft US Navy collision
Persephone May 25, 1942 tanker Panama torpedoed by U-593
Cherokee Jun 15, 1942 liner USA torpedoed by U-87
Rio Tercero Jun 22, 1942 freighter Argentina torpedoed by U-202
HMS Pentland Firth Sep 19, 1942 trawler England collision
Ioannis P. Goulandris Dec 1, 1942 freighter Greece collision
Maiden Creek Dec 31, 1942 freighter USA foundered in storm
FF Clain Feb 17, 1943 barge USA collision
Harry Rush Feb 17, 1943 freighter USA collision
USS Catamount Mar 27, 1943 patrol yacht US Navy engine explosion
USS Moonstone Oct 15, 1943 patrol yacht US Navy collision
USS Murphy Oct 21, 1943 destroyer US Navy collision
Suffolk Dec 11, 1943 collier USA foundered in storm
USS Turner Jan 3, 1944 destroyer US Navy weapons explosion
Pan Pennsylvania Apr 16, 1944 tanker USA torpedoed by U-550
U-550 Apr 16, 1944 submarine Germany depth charges
Maurice Tracy Jun 17, 1944 collier USA collision
Choapa Sep 21, 1944 freighter Chile collision
U-869 Feb 1945 submarine Germany sunk by escorts
USS Bass Mar 12, 1945 submarine US Navy weapon test
Black Point May 5, 1945 collier USA torpedoed by U-853
U-853 May 6, 1945 submarine Germany depth charges
Ayuruoca Jun 10, 1945 freighter Brazil collision


Name Date Sunk Type Nation Cause
HMS Hussar Nov 23, 1780 sail frigate England struck rock
HMS Culloden Jan 24, 1781 sail frigate England grounded in storm
USS Ohio April 1880 ship of the line US Navy grounded in storm
USS G-2 Jul 30, 1919 submarine US Navy foundered
USS S-5 Sep 1, 1920 submarine US Navy diving accident
USS G-1 Jun 21, 1921 submarine US Navy weapon test
USS L-8 May 26, 1926 submarine US Navy weapon test
USS Akron Apr 4, 1933 airship US Navy crashed in storm
Great Isaac Apr 16, 1946 tugboat US Navy collision
USS Solar Apr 30, 1946 destroyer escort US Navy weapons explosion
WAL-505 Relief Jun 24, 1960 lightship USCG collision
ZPG-3W Jul 6, 1960 blimp US Navy unknown
Texas Tower #4 Jan 15, 1961 radar platform USAF collapsed in storm
USS Spikefish Aug 4, 1964 submarine US Navy weapon test
USS Blenny Jun 7, 1989 submarine US Navy artificial reef
SC-635 Dec 20, 1989 sub chaser US Navy structural failure

Artificial Reefs *

Name Date Sunk Type Nation Reef Site
Peggy Diana Nov 14, 1987 landing craft US Navy Cape May
Captain Henry May 6, 1990 landing craft US Navy Cape May
USS Algol Nov 22, 1991 freighter US Navy Shark River
Cape Straight Sep 9, 1993 cutter USCG Cape May
WLV-189 Jan 28, 1994 lightship USCG Atlantic City
Red Oak Sep 13, 1999 buoy tender USCG Cape May
Point Swift Mar 30, 2000 cutter USCG Cape May
APL-31 Jul 23, 2001 barracks barge US Navy Shark River
Dr Tom Sep 20, 2001 cutter USCG Cape May
* not including barges & yard craft (YO's)



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