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New Jersey Scuba Diving


New Jersey Scuba Diving

Dive Sites & Shipwrecks


Here is a comprehensive listing of dive sites in the New Jersey / Long Island area, covering shipwrecks, artificial reefs, beach dives, and selected inland sites. The emphasis is on recreational ( less than 130 ft ) diving in northern New Jersey, since that's where I live and dive. The current total is over 400 references, although this includes a few shipwrecks that are of purely historical interest.

New Jersey is a superb place for wreck diving. Estimates of the number of wrecks off this coast are between 4000 and 7000. To get some idea of what a staggering figure this is, take a look at the charts here, and for every black cross denoting a shipwreck, imagine 15-20 more. As if this was not enough, every year many excellent new "shipwrecks" are added by active artificial reef programs in both New Jersey and New York. Wrecks vary in age from the 18th century to World Wars I & II to the present day.

Shipwreck Lana Carol
Lana Carol

You can navigate this site by clicking on the colored chart labels to bring up information or more detailed charts ( there are ten interlinked main charts, and a number of smaller detail charts ) Alternatively, you can use the table of contents, and scroll through the pages manually. The text table of contents also contains a number of interesting web links for this section.

Most of the dive sites have only brief entries on a general index page. However, some of the sites that I have become familiar with have their own dedicated pages with more detailed descriptions and a few photographs. There are also many links to related pages on the Web. Many shipwreck's true identities are unknown. For these cases, the popular name of the wreck is enclosed in quotes.

Shark River Bridge
Shark River

Andrea Doria sinking
The Andrea Doria sinks

Dive Sites & Shipwrecks


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