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SCUBA Diving the Wrecks and Shores of Long Island, NYSeptember 2009

New Book:

SCUBA Diving the Wrecks and Shores of Long Island, NY

by David Rosenthal

To order this book, visit The Wharves Project website at http://www.thewharvesproject.org

November 2008

Some new pictures of the Redbirds, now five years old.

Redbirds Subway Cars Reef
In 2003

Redbirds Subway Cars Reef
Redbirds Subway Cars Reef
One of the same cars in 2008, five years later. Now at a depth of 130 feet, I surveyed five cars, four of which were completely intact, and one (below) was flattened.

Redbirds Subway Cars Reef
Another one that landed upside-down has crushed itself. Note that this still provides excellent habitat for many creatures. Few of them land completely upside-down like this.

Thanks to Captain Jim of the Gypsy Blood
for making a detour so I could stop here.

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January 2008

The Shipwreck of the Macedonia - Dive Sites & Shipwrecks - New Jersey Scuba Diving This video covers the aft end of the wreck, from the propeller up to the boilers. The Macedonia is a large, fascinating, and little-visited wreck off Sandy Hook, sunk in a collision in 1899. Fairly easy depth, but often strong currents, and always dark.
Macedonia Video

This covers the aft end of the wreck, from the propeller up to the boilers. I was going to go up to the bow as well, but the current was tough, and then I got a blackfish with my knife, and ended up hand-carrying it back to the boat. I'd always heard stories like that, but I never believed them, until now.

Another major behind-the-scenes overhaul. Html is now based on a "dynamic web template" using MS Expression Web. What this means to me is that the overall look and feel of the site is now 100% consistent and easy to manage. What this means to you is ... nothing really.

November 2007

October 2007

Smooth Dogfish

Wrote most tables out of the html.

September 2007

Some unfinished videos:

Added some notes on underwater video to the photography page.

A Better Mask Strap

Mask Strap

One day I was all geared-up on the boat and just putting on my mask when the strap broke. Reaching down into my box, I pulled out the first thing that looked like it might do the job - a piece of surgical tubing. I threaded it through the buckles, and tied some quick knots, and within minutes I was in the water. Almost immediately, I realized that this actually works better than a standard flat strap - the round tubing is much easier to put on, and once you get the length right, there is no need to adjust it, ever. At home, I fiddled with the length a little, and made the assembly permanent with some wire ties.

Realizing there was room for a second loop, I added that as well, resulting in redundant mask straps! I have seen acres of debate about what to do when your mask strap breaks - wear it inside your hood, carry a second mask ... this solves all those problems. When you consider just how critical your mask is, and how we all like to have redundant everything, it is a wonder that no one has come up with this before ( hello, DIR people ? ) Of course, the buckle could still break, but I have never seen that happen, and I'm sure with a little thought I could come up with something that couldn't break, like a piece of stainless steel wire in place of the plastic buckle pin.

And when you finally do break one of these straps, it can be repaired instantly on the spot if you simply carry a length of surgical tubing and some wire ties in your tool kit, as every diver should anyway. In fact, with the same materials, you could make quick repairs to fin straps, knife straps, wrist straps, pole spears, gauge holders, regulators, and anything else that requires a bit of stretchy stuff. Since, as far as I know, I seem to have invented this, I will call it a "Jersey Mask Strap."

Passed 3 million hits. In addition, NJScuba is now the top Google search result for "New Jersey Scuba" and also #1 at Yahoo and MSN.


After six years, it was time to try a new web host. The downtime overnight during the switch was so short that I don't think anyone even noticed. In less than a day, I had everything back up and running with just a little help from tech support. Site administration is faster and much easier at the new host. Page loads are snappier, and the bulletin board is much faster. Overall, I am very pleased with the new host, which is actually even a little cheaper than the old one.

If you click on the link above and sign up, I get a referral that goes towards defraying the cost of maintaining the website. If anyone would like to contribute directly, I think I will start accepting small donations as well ( without actually selling advertising. ) You can email me for details.

August 2007

"The Artifact Hunter" is a new book by diving author, Tom Gormley. It has just been released by Safe Scuba Publishing as a 116 page report with laminated color soft color and 8 1/2 by 11 black and white pages.

Topics included in the book: What is an artifact? The serious artifact diver's method. Becoming an artifact diver. The tools of an artifact diver. The tools of an artifact restorer and conserver. Artifact destruction. Electrolytic reduction. Preventive sealing. Iron spike restoration. Brass artifact recovery and restoration. Copper spike and wood restoration. Copper bucket restoration. Glass artifact conservation. Artifact digging. Wood artifact and pulley conservation. Fragile artifact restorations. Leather artifacts. Bones and teeth. Large artifacts. Underwater photo documentation. Artifact show and tell. Diving where taking is restricted. Artifact pedigree and value. Indirect artifact visualization techniques. Project economics. Artifact presentation techniques. Resources, definitions, references, photos, illustrations, and lots more.

Better depiction of shipping lanes on charts.

July 2007

Shadow Divers movie update !!!

Long Island Artificial Reefs
Delaware Artificial Reefs

Reef RescueReorganized and expanded Artificial Reefs section. Updated the Long Island reefs listings. Added one of Delaware's artificial reefs, with 619 Redbirds. Added Reef Rescue logos to reef charts. These link to an important message about taking back our artificial reefs from a few commercial lobstermen and fishermen who would monopolize them for their own gain.

Added screen scrapers for local data buoys to Weather.

Added photos from the Garden State North reef:

Redbirds Subway Cars Reef
Redbird car

Updated the material on underwater optics & photography, including my new underwater rig


June 2007

Testing out a new camera. Seems to work much better than the old one:

Horseshoe Crab
American Eel

Added a new Message Board where you can post your own notes - dive reports, upcoming trips, news, etc. This is a very full-featured board, customized to fit into the overall site layout. This board is strictly for local diving. Membership is by invitation only. If you would like an account, then contact me and introduce yourself.

Apple Safari browser (beta for Windows) looks ok. Fonts are fuzzy, and there are some JavaScript issues, but it is useable, and will hopefully improve with the final release. I don't see what Jobs was bragging about.

Here's some stuff from way back when ...

2007 Official Fishing Regulations: Recreational | Commercial (pdf)

Playing with Linux, and took a look at the site in Konqueror. Made some subtle changes to the layout to compensate for odd font rendering in X, and everything looks good, so I added it to the allowed browser list. If someone can send me screen shots of Safari, maybe I'll do the same for that browser as well.

Relocated all binary files for easier site management. Recoded page counters. Cleaned-up and standardized sidebar links.

April 2007

Merged with NJScuba.com
is now 464 MB and still growing

New Reefs in 2006

February 2007

Shipwreck John Marvin
Underwater pictures of the John Marvin

Mandy Ray Reef
Underwater pictures of the Mandy Ray

December 2006

Identified the Ida K

Hail Mary Reef
Hail Mary II / Angelo's Reef

A.H. Dumont reef
Found this old photo of the A.H. Dumont

October 2006

September 2006

August 2006

Shipwreck Maurice Tracy
Found this old photo of the Maurice Tracy, moments after launching

July 2006

Heavy Metal Reef
Heavy Metal - Townsends Inlet Reef

June 2006

APL-31 Reef deck plans
APL-31 deck plans

Shark River Reef
Take a submarine trip around the Shark River Reef

April 2006

Many thanks to Pat Colligan for this excellent shot of the Cranford ferry as "The Ferry" restaurant in Brielle:

The Ferry
"The Ferry" restaurant, seen from the foot of the Route 35 bridge, probably in the late sixties. She appears to be laid-up at the far side of the Seeker's old dock, behind the present-day Shipwreck Grill, where the Spring Tide ties up today. You might have to stare at this picture for a while, as the ferry is so much bigger than anything else in it that she merges into the background and appears to be a building on shore. Photo courtesy of Pat Colligan.

Feb 2006

June 2005

Mohawk Aground
A photo of the Mohawk that has probably never before been seen in public

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Species Profiles:

April 2003

Reef BookLots of new pictures and info on artificial reefs, courtesy of the Department of Fish and Game. Also, check out the new book of Artificial Reef wrecks.

Feb 2003

No new content really, just formatting and structural changes:

It's too d***ed cold to go diving ! Hopefully, the Flea Market and BTS will tide things over until Spring.

Dec 2002

This has to be the worst end-of-diving-season in years. Everything blown out since September !

October 2002

August 2002

June 2002

Big Changes: Converted website to frameless layout ( 6/07/02. ) Later reconstructed frames ( 6/16/02, ) which are now completely optional for those folks who have the extra screen space and liked the old layout. Finally, converted pages to CSS ( 6/27/02, ) and changed font to Arial for a more modern look.

April 2002

Added a few more aerial photos of Shark River and Manasquan Inlet, and some new artificial reefs. Revamped and expanded Photography page to include digital photography.

February 2002

The dry season ... swept out broken links again. Fixed a glitch in the tide calendar. Added a few new artificial reefs and some artifacts. Looks like the interactive areas were a waste of time. Maybe a bikini-of-the-week page would go over better.

December 2001

Added some nice underwater pictures from Dutch Springs. Added New Jersey's biggest shipwreck artifact. Updated Directories section. Some minor modifications to work better with handheld computers.

October 2001

Sept. 3, 2001 went off-line at umg.umdnj.edu/scuba.
main counter: 42364
Sept 21, 2001 back up at new address - www.njscuba.net
reset all counters to 0
Oct 30, 2001 Finally re-listed at Google.

Added much more detailed pages on Spearfishing and Lobstering in Dive Gear & Training. Added section on aquaria in Biology. Details on Allenhurst Jetty and Shark River in Dive Sites.

August 2001

Added interesting data on recompression procedures in Dive Gear ( for want of a better place for it ). Added downloadable US Navy Dive Manual to References. Oregon. ( Aug 1 - 40,000 hits )

June 2001

Split Long Island chart and extended shipwreck coverage out to Block Island, with new entries on U-853 & USS Bass. Added some more artificial reefs, and a page on learning to dive in Dive Gear. U.S. Navy report on the sinking of the Turner is interesting.

April 2001

Spruced up Marine Biology section with lots of new color pictures and new entries. Added Google search boxes, and a few new Artifact pages.

February 2001

Added some aerial photographs of shore dive sites. Swept out a lot of broken links.

December 2000

Altered page layout slightly to fit 8.5"x11" portrait paper, and added Print button to page bottoms, to allow printing of individual frames. Only works in IE, though.

October 2000

Some new artificial reefs; adding some aquarium notes and pictures in the Marine Biology section. Updated Shark River Bay.

August 2000

Added Zebra Mussels to Marine Biology section, since they were recently discovered at Dutch Springs! Figured out how to make tighter cross-links between framesets.

June 2000

Added the latest artificial reef - the Captain Bart - along with a slideshow of the sinking. Altered front page to load faster. Added some great underwater images, courtesy of Herb Segars.

April 2000

Added some neat slide shows, and a popup Announcements page. Unfortunately, because of yet another bug in Netscape, slideshows only run in IE. Added perpetual calendar with tide links to Weather section. Added page protection, since far too many people are stealing my graphics without so much as a "by your leave".

February 2000

Added a bunch of new shipwrecks, courtesy of Captains Dan Berg and Steve Nagiewicz. Added nifty perpetual calendar to dive boats weekday schedule. Added eastern PA dive shops & clubs. Added Gary Gentile's new book of NJ wrecks.

December 1999

Added some newsgroup links: For these to work, you must have your newsreader properly set up. Added some interesting pictures to the Arundo. Some re-styling for the new year. rec.scuba

October 1999

I must be doing something right, to get top billing from Yahoo! Added Nitrox page to Dive Gear, and some nice pictures to the Stolt Dagali.

September 1999

Sea Girt Wreck and some better quality artificial reef images. A number of additions to marine Biology. Started Shipwrecks & Artifacts section - hoping to get some help here!

July 1999

Added Horseshoe Cove ( Sandy Hook ) to dive sites. Added "rollover" effect to links. Added several NY reefs, and chart for Cape May reef. Trimmed down this page.

May 1999

Added nifty little JavaScript Navigation Menu. Allows you to jump directly from any section of the website to any other without going through the home page.

March 1999

Finished upgrading Dive Sites graphics to larger format, and added three clam boats lost in 1999. Reformatted Directories pages to match rest of website. Dusted off References section, and added a few new items to Dive Gear & Training.

January 1999

New Directories section. Re-formatted pages for 1024 x 768 screen resolution only. Converted wreck charts to nautical miles. Added copyright notice. Added a few pictures to the Mohawk. Expanded & refocused the Dive Gear & Training section.

November 1998

Added new pictures and info to Riggy Barge and Bald Eagle. Added some pictures to the Delaware Water Gap Train Wreck. Added Contributors page. New background graphic. Interesting new lobster links. Now over 10 MB in size, pretty big for a website.

September 1998

Updated Pinta, Round Valley, 120, Billy D, Coleman; added several more in South Jersey. Expanded Weather section with new chart. Added some lesser-known South Jersey Wrecks. Added place names to charts.

August 1998

Finished changing page formats for better use of screen area, more consistent navigation, and neater printing, and added nifty graphic to opening page. Added some historical details for Mako Mania. Updated Macedonia and added Rudder Wreck. Expanded Dive Gear & Training area.

July 1998

Added Mako Mania - the latest NJ artificial reef ( Shark River Reef ). Naturally had to add Mako Shark to Marine Biology. Also added Camden Aquarium and several less-well-known wrecks.

May 1998

Redesigned hit counter scheme, and reset all hit counters to zero. Updated entries on Dykes and Emerald wrecks (New Jersey), material courtesy of Capt Steve Nagiewicz. Added spreadsheet of wreck coordinates to References section. Added weekday boat schedule.

April 1998

Added Arnoff wreck (Long Island), material courtesy of Capt. Dan Berg. Added some new shipwrecks and some new References. Added 10 new ships sunk as NJ artificial reefs in 1997 to Dive Sites. Many interesting new links in Marine Biology section.

March 1998

Cleaned up the site charts for better legibility and faster loading. Added complete history and specifications for the Algol. Added Regulations page.

January 1998

Added dive clubs page. Added Long Island shore dives page, along with a number of related sites and links. Added a lot of manufacturer links and logos.

December 1997

Added chart for Atlantic City reef, and several new wrecks. Added some hard-to-find pictures of reef wrecks. Overhauled the dive sites pages and put the graphics in-line. Added a new page for the Artificial Reef Program. Added a new chart for Cape May, and a few more wrecks.

November 1997

Added a few new weather and miscellaneous links and some new dive sites. Some layout changes to display better at 640 x 480 resolution.

October 1997

Added 17 more shipwrecks. Updated entries on Dykes, Coney Island, Lana Carol. Added section on freshwater biology. Started tracking changes. New cleaner look, more Netscape fixes.


Got the idea that a New Jersey scuba diving website might be a good thing.



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