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New Jersey Scuba Diving


New Jersey Scuba Diving


Here are links and contact information for local dive clubs, boats, shops, and services, as well as major manufacturers and national organizations, and links to information on diving medicine and science.

If you have something that you would like to have listed here, please send it to me for consideration. Conversely, if you find yourself or your organization listed here already, it would be nice if you would reciprocate and create a link back. In this way this section of NJScuba.net may become a clearinghouse of listings and internet links for local diving.

Broken links, errors, additions, corrections - please let me know. Contact the Editor.

If you find yourself listed here, a link back from your website would be greatly appreciated.

Dive Boats

New Jersey:

New York:


A boat is a hole in the water surrounded by wood into which one pours money. The two happiest days in a boat owner's life are the day he buys the boat, and the day he sells the boat. A boat is like a woman ... oh no, I'm not going there ...

Boat For Sale

"Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats."

-- Author Kenneth Grahame - The Wind in the Willows

Dive Shops

New Jersey:

New York:

This listing is limited to southern New York - NYC, Long Island.

Pennsylvania, Delaware & Elsewhere:

This listing is limited to eastern Pennsylvania and northern Delaware.

Mail Order

Leisure Pro Leisure Pro has the widest selection of in-stock items anywhere, along with very good prices and prompt honest service. Their printed catalog was basically the Bible of dive gear. However, shop here only if you know exactly what you need, because they are more of a mass retailer than a dive shop, and are not the best ones to go to for advice. Leisure Pro is not an authorized dealer for many of the brands that it sells, which means you will get a store warrantee rather than a manufacturer's warrantee. If that bothers you, don't shop there.

Dive Clubs

New Jersey:

Southern New York:

Pennsylvania & Delaware:

This listing is limited to eastern Pennsylvania and northern Delaware.

Manufacturers etc










I make no claim as to the accuracy, validity, or appropriateness of any information found in this website. I will not be responsible for the consequences of any action that is based upon information found here. Scuba diving is an adventure sport, and as always, you alone are responsible for your own safety and well being.

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