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New Jersey Scuba Diver encourages the sharing of information about local diving -- that's why this web site was created. As we try to obtain information from outside authors, photographers, and artists, their main concern is often how easily copies of their work can be made. If widespread copyright violations are found to occur, it is our fear that we will no longer be able to make this information available here. Thus we ask that you, as a visitor to the New Jersey Scuba Diver web site, respect our copyright notices so that we can continue to provide quality information for and about New Jersey area divers and diving.

Should you wish to reprint or redistribute material you find here, please contact New Jersey Scuba Diver at the address listed to request reprint or redistribution permission. We will do our best to provide you access to the information you are interested in, or put you in touch with someone who can.

Electronic reproduction is permitted for personal use, but redistribution or incorporation in another work, printed or electronic, is prohibited. Material within the New Jersey Scuba Diver web site which is credited to an individual author, photographer, artist, or other entity remains property of the named individual or organization, and is reproduced here by permission.

Please note that personal use above means that you may download the information from our web server to your own computer (which you do by the mere act of viewing it through a web browser), read the text, view the images, and even print what you find here for your own reference or to read offline. you may not, however, use the text and/or images found here in another publication or web site without obtaining permission from New Jersey Scuba Diver or the original author, photographer, or artist ( New Jersey Scuba Diver can assist you in getting in touch with these people. )

You are welcome ( and encouraged ) to pass along the New Jersey Scuba Diver Web Site URL, use it in print or electronic documents, or link to this site from another web site.

Including text ( other than short excerpts ) and/or images from the New Jersey Scuba Diver web site in your own web page, newsletter, book, magazine, advertisement, or any other electronic or print material, or providing copies to your friends, dive buddies, students, or anyone else, constitutes "redistribution" and is an infringement of the copyright on this material, whether you charge money for these copies or not.

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I make no claim as to the accuracy, validity, or appropriateness of any information found in this website. I will not be responsible for the consequences of any action that is based upon information found here. Scuba diving is an adventure sport, and as always, you alone are responsible for your own safety and well being.

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