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New Jersey Scuba Diving


New Jersey Scuba Diving


The Essentials of Deeper Sport DivingThe Essentials of Deeper Sport Diving
John Lippman
AquaQuest, 1992
320 pages, illustrated, b&w

This book is not about technical diving, but covers many important aspects of decompression physiology and deep-diving techniques and equipment that any diver ought to know. I see it for 1 cent used on Amazon - get a copy !!!

US Navy Dive ManualUS Navy Dive Manual
1999, updated 2001

download: Free Download: US Navy Dive Manual (PDF 19MB)

Michael Langford's 35mm HandbookMichael Langford's 35mm Handbook
Michael Langford
Knopf, 1998
224 pages, illustrated, color

A terrific introduction to the basics of photography - everything from f-stops to style. Clear and concise. Basic concepts still apply to digital even if film is dead.

Scuba Regulator Maintenance and RepairScuba Regulator Maintenance and Repair
Vance Harlow
Airspeed Press

Explains in detail how regulators work, how they are serviced, and how they are often not serviced. Things you should know about your equipment, even if you don't plan to do your own work.

The Oxygen Hacker's CompanionThe Oxygen Hacker's Companion
Vance Harlow
Airspeed Press

How to handle oxygen, O2-clean your own equipment, mix your own Nitrox, etc.

Wetsuit and Drysuit Maintenance and RepairWetsuit and Drysuit Maintenance and Repair
Steven Lindblom
Airspeed Press




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