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New Jersey Scuba Diving


New Jersey Scuba Diving

Underwater Pix 3


Cozumel - Giant Crab
Now we're on the first night dive. A "Giant Crab" Mithrax (?) related to northern Spider Crabs.

Cozumel - Giant Crab
Mr Crab again.

Cozumel - Yellow Stingray
Yellow Stingray Urolophus jamaicensis

Cozumel - Stoplight Parrotfish
A sleeping Stoplight Parrotfish Sparisoma viride

Cozumel - Slipper Lobster
Slipper Lobster Scyllarides nodifer or

Sculptured Slipper Lobster Parribacus antarcticus
No claws, no spines, no teeth, no camouflage.
No fangs, no barbs, no bristles, no poison.
No strength, no speed, no brains.
You really have to wonder how they survive.

Cozumel - Common Atlantic Octopus
Common Atlantic Octopus Octopus vulgaris

Cozumel - Common Atlantic Octopus
Obviously not pleased to see me.

Cozumel - Common Atlantic Octopus
I found this one on my own, and didn't share it with anyone, which is probably why I was able to get some decent pictures.

Cozumel - Punta Sur
Punta Sur. Going into the hole.

Cozumel - Punta Sur
Coming out of the hole. I still don't understand why people dive in holes.

Cozumel - Mostly French Grunts
Mostly French Grunts Haemulon flavolineatum

Cozumel - crab
Another crab, oddly out in the open during the day.

Cozumel - French Angelfish
French Angelfish. I think these are the most majestic of the Angelfishes. Not as gaudy as the Queens, and a lot bigger.

Cozumel - Stoplight Parrotfish
Stoplight Parrotfish ( female ). Males are bluish, like Queen Parrotfish

Cozumel - Queen Triggerfish
Queen Triggerfish Balistes vetula. Headin' for the hills - I'm surprised I got this close. ( Photo is cropped - you can guess the range from the colors. )

Cozumel - Blue Tang
Blue Tang Acanthurus coeruleus and Squirrelfish Holocentrus adscensionis

Cozumel - Almost
Almost (Queen Angelfish)

Cozumel - Sharptail Eel
Nighttime again. Sharptail Eel Myrichthys acuminatus

Cozumel - Stoplight Parrotfish
Another sleeping Stoplight Parrotfish, the terminal male phase. The bright yellow dot at the upper end of the gill slit is a giveaway.

Cozumel - Yellow Stingray
This little Yellow Stingray was happily digging a hole after something in the sand, and didn't mind having his picture taken at all.

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