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New Jersey Scuba Diving


New Jersey Scuba Diving

Underwater Pix 1


Cozumel - Plaza Las Glorias Cannon
One of the cannons at Plaza Las Glorias.

Cozumel - Banded Coral Shrimps
Tiny Banded Coral Shrimps Stenopus Hispidus inside the cannon. Fire or Red Boring Sponge below.

Cozumel - Plaza Las Glorias
John & student diver.

Cozumel - Open Water Class
Conducting an Open-Water class.

Cozumel - Spotted Butterflyfish
Spotted Butterflyfish Chaetodon ocellatus. Not a great shot - only included here because these guys are pretty common in NJ in late summer / fall. But not this big.

Cozumel - Whitespotted Filefish
A Whitespotted Filefish Cantherhines macrocerus, with no white spots. Gray Cornucopia Sponge Niphates digitalis at right.

Cozumel - Nurse Shark
Alex doing his thing. ( Nurse Shark Ginglymostoma cirratum )

Cozumel - Coney
A shy Coney Epinefelus fulvus - a sort of small sea bass.

Cozumel - Coney
Another Coney, and another peering out from behind the rock.

Cozumel - Bluestripe Lizardfish
Bluestripe Lizardfish Synodus saurus. A similar type is found in our own waters.

Cozumel - Spiny Lobster
Carribean Spiny Lobster Panulirus argus. I tried to pick one up in a restaurant holding tank. Not as easy as it looks.

Cozumel - Columbia Reef
Colors get lost in long shots. Columbia Reef

Cozumel - Horse-eye Jacks
A school of fast-swimming Horse-eye Jacks Caranx latus.

Cozumel - Yellowtail Snapper
Yellowtail Snapper Ocyurus chrysurus

Cozumel - Gray Angelfish
Gray Angelfish Pomacanthus arcuatus. These guys are placid and relatively easy to photograph.

Cozumel - Black Sea Urchin
Yet another Coney, hovering above a dreaded Black Sea Urchin Diadema anellarum. ( Touch one, and you'll see why. ) Also, Lettuce Coral Agaricia above the urchin.

Cozumel - Black Grouper
A large Black Grouper Mycteroperca bonaci that has somehow evaded Alex. It's not very black, but like many fishes, they are very good at changing color.

Cozumel - Longspine Squirrelfish
Longspine Squirrelfish Holocentrus rufus

Another type that appears off NJ, although infrequently. The big eye is a dead giveaway - these are nocturnal. Grape-like Green Algae, Caulerpa racemosa, below the fish.

Cozumel - Yucab Reef
A long shot over Yucab Reef (?)

Cozumel - Queen Angelfish
Queen Angelfish Holacanthus ciliaris

These are the most skittish of the three common types of Angelfish, and the hardest to get on film. Red Finger Sponge Haliclona Rubens and green Boulder Coral Montastrea annularis in the background.

Cozumel - Queen Angelfish
The same guy, still cooperating. The Green Algae in the background is some species of Halimeda ( sometimes called "disk algae." )

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