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New Jersey Scuba Diving


New Jersey Scuba Diving

Freshwater Plants

Algae & Plants

These are all true plants. In freshwater, much of the algal growth is in the form of slimes that grow on rocks, plants, and other surfaces, and of course microscopic phytoplankton. While freshwater algae is an important part of the ecosystem, it is not very remarkable to the typical scuba diver.

Freshwater Algae

Microscopic planktonic colonial green algae
Microscopic planktonic colonial green algae

Microscopic Filamentous Green Algae
Microscopic Filamentous Green Algae ( plankton and attached )

Microscopic Desmids
Microscopic Desmids ( plankton, freshwater )


Cattail Typha latifolia

Size: to 7 ft

Habitat: water's edge


Arrow Arum

Arrow Arum Peltandra viginica

Size: to 5 ft

Habitat: water's edge

'Great' Duckweed

Duckweed Spirodela polyrhiza

Size: to 0.1"

Habitat: floating free at surface

Notes: Among the smallest seed plants; important food for many waterfowl.

Yellow Water Lily

Yellow Water Lily Nuphar advena

Size: to 9" (leaves)

Habitat: rooted in muddy bottoms with leaves floating at surface


Hornwort Ceratophyllum demersum

Size: to 10 ft

Habitat: beneath the surface in quiet waters

Notes: May form dense thickets



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