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New Jersey Scuba Diving


New Jersey Scuba Diving


plastic coke bottleWhat I know about antique glass bottles wouldn't cover both sides of a matchbook. But here are some excellent links on the subject, so you too can learn the difference between a pontil and a blob:

Miscellaneous Links:

Right: Plastic Coke bottle with screw top

Hand-blown beer bottle of the 1870s, from the "Emerald" wreck

More bottles from the Emerald

Dr. J. Hostettler's Stomach Bitters from the Emerald

Miscellaneous 1860s bottles from the Emerald

Inkwell from the Emerald

Modern Miller beer bottles from the Delaware Water Gap train wreck.

perfume stoppers, shot glasses, and bar dish. The perfume bottles were equally ornate, but all smashed. It must have been cheap perfume anyway, since good perfume doesn't come in big bottles ! The glass dippers on the bottom of each stopper were also broken off.

Another bottle from the Mohawk. This was more likely tossed in by a fisherman than actually sunk in the wreck, but still, you don't see these any more.



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